Submissions - Early / Regional



Especially Early Wisconsin paintings 1900 - 1950ish.

We are especially interested in promoting and collecting exceptional artwork by Early Wisconsin Artists working during the period of 1900 - 1950s. There are many ways we can help you:

- We represent entire estates - Have an attic full of old paintings? We can help consign them!

- We can help you downsize your estate and collection - We represent a network of new collectors! 

- We can consign a single piece - Like that big painting that hung over your grandmother's sofa!

- We Appraise artwork. Qualified Appraiser - helpful for trusts, inheritances, insurance and taxes.

- We may purchase your artwork. Have an amazing painting and want to sell fast?



Information we require:

​1. Artist Name

2. Title of artwork, and description of subject

3. Date or approximate date created (if known)

4. Dimensions of art as viewed, and frame exterior dimensions

5. Medium

6. Condition - specifically describe overall condition and flaws

7. Provenance? How did you come to own it?

8. CLEAR, Focused Photographs

  • Image of front and back and frame
  • Image of Artists signature, exhibition labels, dates, writing on back, etc.
  • Images of any flaws, condition issues
  • Images should be high resolution JPEG
  • Ideally Name image files with artist’s last name and title of work

9. IF desiring to sell, whats your asking price, or what you think its worth? See Below.

Email information to: 


MANY things should be considered when selling artwork.

1. NUMEROUS benchmarks are used to value artwork, including size, condition, age, subject, historic importance, rarity, desirablity, frame, resale potential, and the economy are a few.

2. Every artist created good and bad work - so a "name" is only the beginning

3. Some Wisconsin artists are collectible and can bring good prices, but unfortunately, most do not. Don't expect to get rich.

4. Understand that the Gallery of Wisconsin Art is a retail business and must make money to stay in operation! Like retail businesses, we generally buy at wholesale prices and sell at retail value. We do not, and can not purchase artwork at the prices you see on our website.

5. Whats the Value of your artwork? Only what someone else is willing to pay for it!

We are happy to discuss the value of your art, and we ALWAYS make reasonable, and fair offers.



See Information about Appraisals under the Appraisal Tab. 


For a list of Early Wisconsin Artists of special interest, click HERE.



WEB LISTING & PROMOTION AGREEMENT – 2023-24                                                      

FOR CONSIGNORS AND ESTATES OF EARLY (Deceased) Artists                    

The GALLERY OF WISCONSIN ART, LLC (GOWA) operates online only. 

Continuing its mission, the gallery promotes and sells Wisconsin Art of all periods. 

For estates/families/owners of artwork by Early (deceased) Wisconsin Artists, we offer the opportunity to consign and sell artwork on the GOWA website. (Contemporary artists are offered promotional listings/ads). To help elevate Wisconsin Art, we promote Wisconsin Artists and their work, and connect them to art buyers and collectors!

The Gallery (est. 2013) is relatively young and highly reputable. It receives excellent web traffic, has a large following and nation-wide mailing list to over 3000 recipients.  We have a deep passion for Wisconsin Art, see a bright, positive future and building awareness of the Gallery.  “We” are a small business, but have always had a large and growing appeal that fills an important need!

We invite you to share our platform, and promote Wisconsin’s historic artists – and artwork.


  1. ENDORSEMENT by the Gallery of Wisconsin Art at 
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTIONS – with over 3,000 followers!
  4. ARTIST HOME PAGE – Includes artist photo, biography, statement, etc. 
  5. ARTWORK FOR SALE – Up to 12 pieces of artwork shown on Artist’s page. Listings to include title of work, short description (if available), dimensions, provenance (if known) and price. Gallery will promote ALL artwork available by Artist – shown and not shown /listed or not listed (more available for sale)
  6. NEWSLETTER LISTING - Artists are listed and promoted in the GOWA Newsletter “WI ART VIEWS” which has circulation to over 3000 contacts! 
  7. NEWSLETTER FEATURE – As time allows, gallery owner features artists/stories/trends/insights in Gallery Newsletter “WI ART VIEWS”. Estates may contribute information, photos, and help write articles. 
  8. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION – Visitors find Artists on the internet near the top of their web search!
  9. ONE LOW CONSIGNMENT FEE – 25% Commissions.


Call Ric at the Gallery 414-630-3600 or email:



  1. No listing fee for estates or consignors of Early Wisconsin Artwork. 
  2. There is a 25% commission on all artwork sold by all means of the Gallery. Gallery will make every effort to sell all available artwork by the artist, including – but not limited to - artwork listed on Gallery website AND other artwork in vendor inventory available for sale when referenced, more available. 
  3. This fee covers software expenses and time to maintain the website, update images, create newsletters, advertising, and promotion, etc.


  1. If you are interested in consigning, dowload and complete the agreement.
  2. Email images of artwork to according to following:
  • Photographs of Two Dimensional paintings/prints must be “flat” and cropped “square” to all 4 edges of the artwork. (not skewed artwork)
  • Longest dimension to be 1500 pixels.
  • High resolution .jpg images but smaller than 2mb ea.
  • File name must include artist last name, and short title/description  of art, ex: HartmanWinged1.jpg
  1. Gallery MAY be able to help you with photos – discuss first with gallery.
  2. Your personal contact information will NOT be listed on the website.
  3. You retain possession of all artwork – the Gallery does not hold consignor inventory.
  4. You are free to pursue other sales – just notify Gallery if art becomes unavailable.
  5. If a customer expresses interest in purchasing your artwork, we will:
  6. Notify you and confirm artwork is still available.
  7. YOU will tell us how much you will add for shipping and insurance, and agree to shipping arrangement, service and timeline. If customers are close to you or gallery, pickup may be possible – Consignor and gallery to discuss.
  8. Gallery will negotiate the sale with the customer (per your guidelines) including all terms, price, shipping, pickup, delivery, insurance, returns, costs, etc. 
  9. Buyers will send payment to the gallery.
  10. After artwork is delivered safely, and at the end of the month, the gallery will send your payment (including expenses paid by purchaser) less 25% commission.

If your artwork is currently on the website, but you are NOT interested in continuing, or do not respond, all of your information will be removed from the GOWA website. ​Thank you for your involvement and continued success in the future. Stay in touch!

See agreement attached for other terms and conditions.  

Contact the gallery if you have any questions.     Thank you! 



See agreement attached for other terms and conditions.  Thank you!